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The task of picking out your cabinets can be a little overwhelming, so we made it a little easier for you to explore the different area of cabinetry. Click on the tabs below to explore.

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Pioneer Cabinetry comes in a variety of wood and color options.

Here is a brief statement of each wood type. To learn more about them click on their links

Oak - the mainstay of the cabinet and furniture industry, offers depth in color from pink to white and light brown.

In addition, green, yellow and even black color veins may appear as mineral streaks. Oak is also known for its wide and narrow grain patterns that are considered desirable qualities in this strong, open-grained American classic.

Maple - Predominately off-white in color, maple is a smooth, closed-grain wood that may contain shades of brown and pink.

Other characteristics include occasional fine dark mineral streaks and small black knots also known as “bird’s eyes.” Maple accepts a variety of stain colors, although random, “blotchy” patterns may occur with medium and dark stains that add to the character of this warm wood.

Hickory - is a very “wild” wood, known for its wide spectrum of color that can range from white to dark brown and can also feature wormholes and black knots.

A clear or light stain will maximize the color, while a darker stain selection will offer this wood its own distinguishing characteristics.

Cherry - is a multi-colored wood characterized by shades of red, white and brown.

Cherry’s natural color, while stunning from the start, will continue to develop into richer tones as time passes; this will be most apparent in clear or light stain finishes. With time, darker tones will turn a deep, reddish brown, while light areas will mellow to medium yellows and browns.

Painted - Tinted varnishes, which give cabinets a "painted look," are one of today’s hottest trends in cabinetry.

Since they are designed to cope with today’s hectic lifestyle, durability is never an issue with tinted, catalyzed varnish finishes. As with all manufacturers’ five-piece painted products, homeowners should expect minor cracking of the painted finish at the door and cabinet frame joints, and therefore they will not be replaced under warranty.

Thermofoil - White, Snow and Ivory thermofoil door cabinets offer an alternative to the typical wood/stained cabinet.

The Thermofoil door also offers a clean seamless look that is durable and easy clean.

Snow and Ivory thermofoil feature a smooth "painted look" finish. White thermofoil features the industry standard "textured" finish. The interior of the cabinet box is a natural maple woodgrain vinyl.

Pioneer Cabinetry comes in a variety of door styles. Which door style would you prefer?

The photos below show the vast array of door styles offered by Pioneer. Each door style is available in a wide variety of wood species and color combinations. Please see your local Pioneer dealer for specific offerings.

PLEASE NOTE: Stratford is not available in Hickory.
Monaco, Madison, Mayfield, Melbourne, Fairfax, Berkey, Regency, and Dynasty are only available in Maple or Cherry.

Click on any of the images to enlarge.

  • Berkey
  • Arch
  • Dynasty
  • Double Arch
  • Country Arch
  • Cathedral
  • Broad Stile
  • Mayfield
  • Madison
  • Farmington
  • Fairfax
  • Providence
  • Monaco
  • Melbourne
  • Stacked Arch
  • Square Shaker
  • Square
  • Sheridan
  • Regency
  • Stratford
  • Sterling
  • Stacked Square
  • Winchester
  • Wide Stile

Overlays affect how much of the cabinet frame shows, and can dramatically change the appearance of your cabinets. From a traditional look to a more contemporary style, choosing the correct overlay starts below.

White area indicated how much of the cabinet frame will be exposed.

Door panels are the most visible part of your cabinetry and define your style.

Pioneer offers many unique choices including flat, beaded, raised, detailed and solid.

Flat, Solid, Beaded, Raised, and Detailed are available.

The edges of the cabinet door panels can enhance your style and provide easy access to the interior.

Pioneer offers 7 different outside door edge profiles for all 'non-mitered' door styles, they are as follows:



Each option below turns a standard cabinet into your personalized cabinetry. Combinations of these options can help set your Pioneer cabinetry apart from the rest.

Drawer Head Styles

Pioneer offers 8 different drawer heads for the 'standard' door styles, examples are below.


The "Olde World" look of glazing cabinetry is a great way to give your home a unique and classic look. A glazed finish is achieved by applying the glaze over the entire surface of all finished parts, then wiping the glaze off by hand. The result is stunning, as the glaze will "hang-up" unevenly in corners, profiled edges and end grain of each glazed component. It is recommended that the homeowners view an actual door sample or display before selecting a glazed finish, as color variations will occur between individual cabinet components.

  • Weathered,
    Distressed &
  • Weathered
  • Distressed
  • Antiqued

Finishing Techniques

Create beauty and character with any of our custom finish techniques. Available in most standard Pioneer paints/tinted varnishes, stains and glazes. Since no two manufacturers are alike, it is recommended that homeowners view an actual door sample or display before finalizing any cabinet color/finishing technique selection.

  • Cayenne
  • Coffee
  • Clear
  • Tawny
  • Platinum
  • Merlot
  • Hazelnut
  • Tawny
  • Toffee
  • Wheat
  • Wheat


At Pioneer we love the look of real wood with all its natural properties.

For those of you who also like the rustic look, this option might be for you. Pioneer, for our standard cabinetry, cuts around thse natural knots. In our knotty option, we leave them in and sort through them to give you a natural looking option.

Knotty cherry - clear with Chocolate glaze.

Plywood Construction

All the flexibility you’ve come to expect from Pioneer with the added feature of plywood construction. If you choose this option, then you will receive full ½” plywood box construction. Pioneer uses only the best domestic plywood, no Chinese imports! Our sanded and calibrated plywood core provides the greatest opportunity for a smooth and consistent finished product.


We stand behind our craftsmanship.

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